Time for Change. Time for You.

Gateway Hypnosis is a professional hypnotherapy and counselling practice based in Blackheath (South East London).

We offer a hypnotherapy service, which effectively combines hypnosis, counselling and other techniques, to enable you to:

– take control of your life,
– overcome your challenges and problems,
– make your goals a reality.

We can help you with a wide range of emotional and mental issues including weight loss, smoking cessation, confidence and motivation issues, anxiety and depression, fears and phobias, relationship problems and stress management difficulties.

Do you want to be to deal effectively with your anxiety and stress?

  • To feel calmer, more in control, to act more wisely and in your own best interests – even when you are under pressure.

Do you want to lose weight but are tired of the never ending cycle of diets?

  • The High of finding the next ‘miracle’ that assures you that you will lose that extra stone and the Low when you realise that you cannot sustain it – the diet or, indeed, the weight loss!

Do you want to give up smoking – once and for good?

  • Are you fed up of literally burning away hundreds of pounds on cigarettes, whilst all the time knowing that they are surely killing you – day by day?

Do you wish you could have more self confidence?

  • To give that terrific presentation; or to get that job you always wanted; or to have the relationship of your dreams.

Do you have an irrational fear or phobia that you would like to deal with?

  • Maybe it is getting in the way of your life and preventing you from doing something you would really like to do.

What is stopping you achieving all of this?

Gateway Hypnosis can help you identify what is preventing you from making the changes that are right for you. Using a blend of hypnosis and counselling, we can help you remove any blocks that are standing between you and the life that you really want to lead.

If NOW is the time to make changes in your life, please contact Gateway Hypnosis for a no obligation, telephone discussion to find out how hypnotherapy can help you to achieve success.