Self Confidence

To the rescue - lost mountain climber savedWhat do you want to achieve in life?

– A great job?
– A fulfilling relationship?
– Travel to far flung destinations?
– To earn more money?

Or are there more immediate obstacles to overcome?

– A presentation to deliver?
– A forthcoming job interview?
– To ask someone on a date?
– A skill to master?
– A test or exam to pass?
What is stopping you from achieving all of this – and more?

What is stopping you from achieving your true potential?

Everyone is born with self esteem and self confidence.  A baby expects to be fed when it feels hungry, to sleep when it wants to, to feel dry and comfortable.  It expects all of its needs to be met immediately and it thrives on positive attention.

As a child grows, it begins to understand how to connect with others and form relationships.  Hopefully, the child also begins to gain new confidence from forming friendships and from their success in gaining new skills, knowledge and experiences.

However, over the years our innate confidence and feelings of self esteem can be chipped away through negative remarks, difficult life circumstances, loss, trauma and domestic upheavals.  Self confidence can quickly evaporate and, once lost, can be very difficult to regain.

Gateway Hypnosis can help you redress this imbalance, by eliminating faulty and unhelpful messages – the negative beliefs which have built up over time and have become embedded in your unconscious mind.  We aim to enable you to rediscover your self confidence, self esteem and self worth – and in so doing – help you to achieve your true potential.