Stress & Relaxation

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Hypnosis has a proven track record of allowing deep relaxation, encouraging positive thinking and developing constructive strategies to actively combat stress.

Through hypnosis, many people have experienced levels of relaxation beyond anything they have experienced before.

Imagine how beneficial it would be to be able to apply these relaxation techniques, whenever you need them!

What is Stress?

Stress is the negative outcome of an imbalance between pressure and the person’s ability to cope with that pressure.

Stress is the way you feel when it is all too much.  It is the knot in the stomach, the tension in the shoulders, the inability to sleep, the problems with behaviour, and so forth.  These are the physical, mental and social signs that we can no longer cope with the stress.

We need a certain amount of stress in our lives – without it we would not get out of bed!  Some stress is normal, you may have heard about the ‘fight or flight syndrome’ which is the body’s natural defence when anyone feels that they are in a threatening situation.  The body will release adrenaline to help you deal with the situation and then, when you have done either of these two things – faced up to the situation or run away from it –  you will need to rest.  Now that the immediate threat is over, your body will bring in negative symptoms like pain and fatigue, to give you an indication of how much time you need to rest, and what repair work needs to be done.  Once you relax, a whole batch of negative issues can suddenly surface and, not surprisingly, this reaction can make you less likely to relax in the future.  The longer you keep in a heightened state of stress, to enable you to keep going, the more you will fear it stopping.  You are probably aware of an occasion when you became unwell just after the start of a holiday from a stressful situation or job.

However, unless we interrupt stress the symptoms become worse and worse – stress feeds on itself.  The mind and body will make associations with past events and the levels of stress will escalate and the symptoms will intensify.  You have a starting point for your stress, if you ignore it, it will escalate and become more serious and may lead to problems such as high blood pressure, anxiety and depression (see the NHS website for Information about Stress).

Stress can also cause damage to your immune system and make you susceptible to a range of infections and cell damage ultimately causing long term illness and even death (See this article on CBS News).

How can Gateway Hypnosis help you with Stress?

Gateway Hypnosis can help you to deal with stress more effectively and enable you to relax completely.

The stress management techniques aim to make you more effective in stressful situations and give you the ability to recover from stress much more rapidly.

We can also teach you the benefits of self-hypnosis – so you can cope with pressure and begin to replace the stress with new feelings of excitement and enjoyment of life.