Gateway Hypnosis continues to have remarkable success stories.

fotolia_78551602_m_panoramic_500x166Below is a small selection of feedback from our clients.

“Maureen Ewer is an excellent counsellor and hypnotherapist. Straight away she put me at ease with her personable and friendly manner and without hesitation l instantly felt able to open up and discuss my issues with her! The counselling sessions were always informative and insightful and enabled me to get a better understanding and real sense of who l am! I attended her sessions with an open mind and willingness to explore the benefits of hypnotherapy and l am so pleased that l did – l go to bed every night listening to Maureen’s dulcet tones and l sleep far better for it!!!”[Anon.]

“I feel more focussed and happier.” [Anon.]

“Maureen helped me with my travelling anxiety, initially for a specific trip. The hypnotherapy training and tapes were invaluable tools I used. I will continue to use these to strengthen my mind as it is an ongoing process. Maureen was very friendly and warm and put my mind at ease. I would easily recommend her service.” [K.S.]

“I found Maureen to be a warm, positive and empathetic person to work with. I felt her therapy sessions were well prepared and extremely helpful.” [Anon.]

“I would highly recommend Maureen who helped me with a hypnosis to stop a habit of biting my nails – something I had been doing for years. She also helped me hugely by teaching me self-hypnosis to help with relaxation and mindfulness. I thought her sessions were very well constructed and have been extremely pleased at how successful they have been in so short a period of time.” [M.N.]

“I would definitely recommend Maureen’s services. I can honestly say that my 3 sessions with her improved my quality of life so much – it’s the best money I have spent on me! Maureen is very professional, I felt that I was in very good hands but she also very kind, warm and supportive.” [Z.M.]

“Deciding to have hypnotherapy sessions with Maureen has been a very positive and helpful experience. The sessions have really helped me to address the anxiety problems I had been experiencing and it has provided me with techniques to help me relax and lower my stress levels. The sessions have helped me to improve my ability to think clearly in difficult situations and allowed me to develop positive ways to deal with the stress such difficulties can present. I feel it has helped me to unpack underlying issues I had been thinking of over many years and thus improve the way I approached those thoughts and feelings. I highly recommend Maureen as a therapist.” [C.C.]

“Hypnotherapy changed my life and the way I used to perceive it. I needed a way forward in my life and Hypnotherapy showed it to me. Going to the sessions was the best decision I have made recently.” [C.F.]

“The Hypnotherapy completely stopped my feeling of being sick and created coping mechanisms for me to use in day to day life.” [Anon.]

“I now know how to control my emotions especially anger.” [Anon.]

“I felt relaxed, more confident and I started to believe in myself as a person with a great future. I believe if I continue sessions I would reprogram my subconscious mind.” [Anon.]

“Having been a smoker and addicted nicotine replacements for over 20 years, I thought I would never be able to quit. With Maureen’s expert help, I was given the initial drive and impetus I needed to quit and she has helped me develop the mental tools I need to stay off nicotine for good. I can now happily call myself a nicotine free non-smoker!” [L.H.]

“I’m very pleased with the outcome. Weight loss is happening steadily. Maureen was incredibly kind and helpful.” [Anon.]

“Excellent value for money and certainly a lot more than I had bargained for. I went to Maureen to lose weight, but instead of focusing on my weight, we focused on why I was overweight, as a consequence, I lost over a stone, and gained a clear head!
Maureen made me feel comfortable and safe. I would highly recommend her”. [A.G.]

“Before I started the sessions with you, my life had become a continual struggle against a growing addiction, making me unhappy and unable to look or move forward in my personal and professional life. My sessions with you have had a significant and lasting impact on my life. I feel able to connect with the world again in a way which has eluded me for a long time. In short, my life and outlook at work and in my personal life has been transformed and it feels great!” [Anon.]

“In the four sessions (3 diet, 1 smoking ) I lost my target of 6Kg and have stopped smoking. As a result, all the money I’ve saved on smoking is now being spent on replacing my wardrobe with new clothes that fit and look really good. A worthy trade. The most impressive part of the hypnotherapy, is that it’s changed my perceptions on not only my eating, but understanding my priorities and what makes me tick (or not as the case may be). With the target of losing weight, I can confirm that during the entire hypnosis period and the weeks after, I have never had to work on dieting, as my brain is now accustomed to wanting and desiring to eat well and healthily. As a result, I do not have to work at not eating, like a traditional diet, I simply eat what I want, when I want… the difference being post hypnosis, is that I want to eat less and I want to eat healthily. This means that I can enjoy the same lifestyle as before, not consider that my life is unfulfilled because I’m missing my previous favourite (but less than healthy) foods.” [Anon.]

“Maureen has helped me to lose weight and stop drinking: I’d struggled with both for years, and had tried all sorts of classes and methods. Using hypnotherapy has made the process seem easy and has helped me to focus on the root causes of my weight gain and alcohol consumption. This feels like a proper long term solution, which I hope will enable me to take proper care of myself and listen to what my body is telling me.” [Anon.]

“I warmly recommend Maureen to other clients. She is thoughtful, encouraging and insightful and makes you feel comfortable even during that initial phone conversation before actually meeting. During my sessions, I had several ‘lightbulb’ moments which helped me see areas in my life which I needed to look at differently, i.e. not being so hard on myself. Maureen is a lovely lady, caring and supportive and has set me on the right road to renewed self-confidence, improved self-esteem and giving myself permission to have some relaxation time” [C.F.]

“Completely changed my way of eating and greatly improved my perception of myself. Excellent approach to helping me deal with my weight issues. It is hard to put into words how much Maureen has helped me over the past few months. She has successfully helped me to address many of the issues that have led to my obesity in the past. Through my sessions I have addressed some challenging emotional issues that have affected me and my life. Maureen was supportive at every turn and helped me realise who I am and why I ate in the way I did. Maureen encouraged me to read about nutrition and this combined with the hypnosis sessions has led to a complete change in my diet and eating habits. To date I have lost 2 stone but feel that this is just the beginning of my weight loss and looking at life with a completely different take on things and how I perceive them. I handle stressful situations very differently now and some friends have commented how more confident and relaxed I seem. Finally, Maureen has just done a final stop smoking session with me and I can say that I have not had a cigarette for nearly 3 weeks and am not missing or craving them in any way. It was the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle really. I cannot thank Maureen enough for all she has done to help me become the more confident, less stressed and slimmer me. I can’t recommend highly enough hypnotherapy and Maureen to anyone.” [C.B.]

“I really think your sessions have helped get my weight loss started. I think much more about what food I eat but I don’t obsess or binge any more. Thank you so much for leading me in the right direction” [Anon.]

“The overall service was excellent. It has enabled me to recover from a difficult illness and given me the tools to help me continue to do this by myself.” [Anon.]

“My weight had been out of control for about 15 years. I have tried dieting, but never had the willpower to complete the diet, to exercise regularly and to keep the weight off when the dieting finished. On the recommendation of a friend, I tried Hypnotherapy with Gateway Hypnosis. I had never experienced Hypnosis before and I did not know what to expect, but Maureen was very helpful, supportive and reassuring. She made sure that she understood the reasons for my weight and then discussed the practical lifestyle changes that would be incorporated into the Hypnosis. The Hypnosis itself was very relaxing and I always felt fully conscious and able to emerge at any time – but I did not want to. The Hypnosis script has had a big impact on my weight and my level of exercise. I now choose to walk more and my eating is under my conscious control – and never as an emotional support. I have now lost 1 st 5 lbs and I am approaching my target weight. Thank you so much.” [J.L.]

“I was initially nervous and dismissive about the benefits of hypnotherapy. From the very first session, Maureen alleviated my concerns, identified my issues and explained how the sessions would progress. With Maureen’s help, I have been able to deeply relax (to levels never experienced before), achieve fitness goals and embark upon a journey of change. I cannot thank Maureen enough. I highly recommend Maureen and her hypnotherapy service.” [R.D.]

“In desperation from crippling sciatic pains caused by accidentally tilting my pelvis, I turned to Maureen for help. Having taken a history of the injury and extent of the pain, Maureen recorded a CD especially to meet my needs. It was quite miraculous. After a week of the daily routine of following the programme, I was able to relax and prevent the pain reaching it’s peak. What a relief! Thank you Maureen, I am now pain free.” [R.E.]

“I used self-hypnosis tapes when I needed to have an MRI scan. I am claustrophobic and this procedure felt like something I simply couldn’t do – just thinking about being in the scanner made me panic. I had had experiences in the past of totally losing control when in a space I could not get out of, and I could not imagine being able to stay inside a scanner for 20-30 minutes.

Maureen listened carefully to how I felt and made two tapes for me – one for relaxation and one specifically about having an MRI that used an image of being in a tunnel leading to a safe, beautiful place and that suggested I would be able to do the scan. I received the tapes 5 days before the scan and listened to one each day until my appointment. I found it easy to deeply relax and began to visualise in a way that surprised me.

Just two days in I noticed a shift in my thinking. I was calmer, more confident. When thinking about the scan my instant internal panic was muted. By the day before the MRI, although it was imminent, my calmness was increasing – I was able to imagine myself inside the scanner and staying there – maybe I could actually do this. This shift in thinking really surprised me and I am quite sure it was linked to the tapes.

On the day of the scan I was surprisingly calm. I took the tape with me and although I only actually heard snippets due to the noise of the scanner, it was enough. I was able to slow my madly beating heart, and although I still found the experience very difficult, I managed it. Given my previous experiences in confined spaces and initial reactions about the scan, I believe Maureen’s tapes enabled me to complete a procedure that I needed to have and that I don’t think I would otherwise have managed.” [A.C.]

“When I first started hypnosis, I was unsure of what it entailed, but I decided to try it because I have always lacked in confidence. For many years I have suffered from a crippling lack of self-esteem. However, any inhibitions I had, concerning hypnosis, proved to be unfounded. Maureen used many different calming relaxing exercises with me and, as a result, I feel I am now more outgoing and have certainly got more confidence. I know that changing my mind-set (from negative to positive) will not be completely achieved overnight, but hypnosis has proved to be a vital stepping stone for me, and I am glad that I chose to undertake hypnotherapy with Maureen.” [E.K.]

“Hypnotherapy has changed my attitude to food. It means I don’t feel like I am depriving myself when choosing the healthier option, has taught me to stop eating when full and enabled me to maintain a steady and sustainable weight loss. I am also hopeful the self hypnosis technique will assist with other little issues that may arise in the future and at the very least it enables me to relax quickly and easily.” [Anon.]

“Maureen’s method of hypnosis was gentle, reassuring and relaxing and I have seen a variety of positive impacts towards a healthier lifestyle. She also taught me how to do self hypnosis, which has been really helpful in reinforcing the positive messages from the hypnosis sessions, and EFT which has be great to help me overcome moments when I crave unsuitable foods ! I would certainly contact Maureen again for hypnosis, and would also be happy to recommend her sessions to others.” [J.J.]

“Improved my test results as I am more relaxed and have more of a clear head in them. Also boosted confidence overall and in any work or exams I do.” [T. age 15]

“If you are struggling with any issue in your life and wish to change but think you need some help, I would 100% recommend Maureen for hypnotherapy. She has an amazing talent to counsel you through, support and use hypnotherapy to help you change your thinking for good. It is worth every penny to have a more enjoyable and happier life.” [N.T.]

“I found Maureen warm and affirming. She was steadfast in her approach to my uncertainties and reluctance to accept the efficacy of hypnotherapy. I gained great benefit from the experience despite my reservations thanks to Maureen’s overall therapeutic skills and warmth of personality.” [B.H.]

“Hypnotherapy has calmed some of my stress. I have had a reduction in the amount of anxiety adrenaline in my body. Before the sessions I frequently had butterflies and the feeling of adrenaline running through my body. I haven’t thought about the problem as often as before. My experience of the hypnotherapy was a positive one and it really felt like you cared about my problems and wanted the best for me.” [C.W.]

“Helped me make insights about myself as a person, my situation, my family and childhood. Helped me with tools to manage stress/anxiety and boost confidence …. I worked with Maureen for 9 sessions and she is the only therapist so far that has managed to surface emotions and feelings that I usually keep well hidden. She does this via being very observant of your emotional state and knows how and when to push you in the right direction. I can highly recommend Maureen, but be prepared to be challenged!” [Anon.]

“Maureen is a very skilled therapist/hypnotherapist. Her approach expedites the therapy process, getting to the heart of the problem, and she provides practical advice that helps one grow and take steps towards reaching their therapy goals. The benefits I experienced occurred almost immediately as Maureen takes the time to assess each session and give feedback, ensuring clients make continued progress. I highly recommend Maureen and feel I’ve found a therapist I can work with (and return to if necessary).” [Anon.]

“Maureen Ewer went above and beyond my expectations to help me. She skilfully combines utter professionalism with compassion and understanding. She is highly recommended to anyone seeking to improve their life.” [C.C.]

“Maureen Ewer introduced me to hypnotherapy. Because of her expertise throughout my treatment, I have gained the tools to manage my anxiety and misguided patterns of thought. I shall continue to practise and I hereby look forward and plan a better life ahead.” [A.F.]

“Maureen carefully and painstakingly analysed my problems of poor self-image and gave me the tools to tackle them. I am so grateful for her help.” [Anon.]

“We are delighted with the way Maureen has worked with and helped our daughter. We have our confident little girl back.” [R.W.]

“I think Maureen is fantastic and made me feel very much at ease from the very first session – even though I was very apprehensive about even going to the sessions in the first place. It took me over 3 months to build the courage to book the sessions after having been bought them as a present. I wish I had been aware of Maureen and what she can do years ago. I would recommend anyone to visit Maureen to discuss their issues as I am sure she will be able to offer help – my issue was having anger towards specific noises and she has helped me control this. Thanks for all your help and patience Maureen.” [J.W.]